Using Reed Diffusers

Don't flip the reeds too often - this will oversaturate the reeds and stop you getting the most out of your diffuser. Flipping the reeds once a week or so is plenty!

For larger diffusers - sometimes the reeds can clog with oil and dust before you've used all the fragrance. If your reeds are no longer diffusing scent but the oil is still fragrant, replace them with fresh reeds. You can purchase extras here.

Choose a cool place out of direct sunlight to place your diffuser.

30ml -
perfect for small spaces such as bathrooms, or your office workspace.
50ml - for medium sized rooms where you don't want an over powering fragrance, such as your bedroom.
100ml - for larger rooms, or where you want a more potent aroma, such as your living room or kitchen.

It is really important that reed diffusers are kept out of reach of children and animals. The oils in these diffusers should not be ingested, or used on skin.
If spilt, the oils can damage painted and/or porous surfaces, so mindful when choosing the perfect place for your diffuser.